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News: Our 2019 Art Show

Thank you to all of you who came out to tour the Beechwood Art Galleries. Our artists worked hard on their creations, so thoroughly enjoyed having visitors express an interest.

For those of you who were unable to make it to the show, or if you want to virtually visit again, below is a sampling of our art divided by classroom. We hope you enjoy!

Classroom 1 — Under the Sea
Using art, Classroom 1 enjoyed exploring creatures from the sea. From the moment visitors saw the door to the classroom, the theme was clear. Click the whale to see more of what Classroom 1 did.

Classroom 2 — The Amazing Rain Forest
The rain forest is a beautiful place to visit and that’s just what Classroom Two did with their art creations. They made lots of animals and plants that can be found in the rain forest. Frogs, parrots, butterflies, flowers—and even leaf cutter ants. Click the umbrella to see more of Classroom Two.

Classroom 3 — The Beechwood Garden
Classroom Three enjoyed exploring the garden through color and texture while cutting, coloring, gluing and crumpling tissue. Click the flower to see more of what Classroom Three did.

Classroom 4 — Oviparous Creatures
This year, Classroom Four went into outer space with a rocket ship! They learned about constellations, the seven planets and a lot more. Click the rocket ship to see more.

Classroom 5 — Celebrations Around the World
Different cultures and countries were celebrated in Classroom Five in preparation for this year's Art Show. They “visited” faraway places like Holland, India, China, England, Russia and Mexico. Click on the windmills from Holland to see more.

Classroom 6 — Famous Artists
Learning about famous artists is fun. Recreating their art by using their technique was even more fun. Click on the Kahlo art to see our Classroom Six artists in action along with some of their art.

Classroom Kindergarten — Australian Adventure
Every year our Kindergarten class takes a trip. This year the class decided to go to Australia. They visited Sydney where they found both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. They swung by Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier Reef. They even discovered some Echidnas (spiny anteaters). Click on the piece of coral they found to see more of Kindergarten’s trip to Australia.

Afternoon Students — The Beechwood Circus
Our afternoon students had loads of fun this year with the Circus theme. It was all on display in the lunchroom where the whole school gets to see it. All ages are represented through this collection of art. Click the flying trapeze artist to see more of what our afternoon students did.