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About Us: Procedures

This page contains our common approaches, routines and the procedures we use at our school.

  1. Adjusting To School
  2. Parent Communication
  3. Lunch
  4. Daily Schedule
  5. Snow Closing

1. Adjusting To School

The Beechwood School staff will provide opportunities for the parents and children to become adjusted to a new school or a new class. Post cards are sent welcoming each child to the upcoming school year at the end of the summer. Student orientation is scheduled in the morning, the Tuesday after Labor Day. This will give all interested families a chance to meet their child's teacher and see the classroom. Back To School Night for parents is scheduled after the start of the year.

Before your child begins at The Beechwood School, whether it is for the summer session or the school year program, we encourage you to visit the facilities with your child a few times. Familiarity will help your child adjust to the changes. This is especially important for a young or timid child. Most children have some adjustment to starting a new school; some are hesitant and upset immediately. Some children begin school great and when the novelty is over, they start to resist. If a problem arises, please let the teacher and the office know and we will help you through this period. Our staff is trained and experienced with dealing with children who have difficulty adjusting to school and leaving their parents.

On the first day of school, please bring your child to their classroom. After a short greeting with staff, kiss him or her goodbye and reassure them you will return. Then leave promptly! We have found the longer you “stick around,” the more difficulty the child may have separating. You may call the office at any time and as often as you wish. We will check on your child. Also, some children do better being dropped off by one person than another.

Unless the case is extreme, it is good to give your child at least six weeks before deciding about adjustment.

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2. Parent Communication

The Beechwood School tries to keep families informed through several means of communication. Please feel free to call the office, at 856-429-0303, if you have a question. If you wish to speak with the teacher, she will return your call as soon as possible.

(A) Classroom Bulletin Boards — Outside of every classroom is a bulletin board with a daily note and other important classroom information. Please check it regularly.

(B) Newsletters — Two newsletters are issued monthly during the school year. One newsletter is from the office and the other is from the classroom teacher. Their aim is to keep parents informed of the program and other news concerning school activities. Copies are sent home with each child as they are issued.

(C) Conferences — The staff is willing to confer with parents on any problem concerning their child's relation with the school. Please feel free to arrange a meeting with your child's teacher. Parents are given the opportunity for regular conferences to review their child's progress. These are based on the progress reports teachers keep on each child's intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development. Conferences are scheduled in the Fall and Spring. Conference dates and times for each class will be announced in the newsletters.

(D) Ouch Notes — If a child receives a scratch or minor injury at school, simple first aid is given and a note is placed in the child's cubby. A parent will be contacted for any significant injury.

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3. Lunch

A hot lunch is served family style in our lunchroom. The teachers eat with the children, supervising good eating habits and manners. Our monthly menu is both posted by the office, and also on our site on the home page.

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4. Daily Schedule

  • Arrival and Greeting
  • Circle, Readiness, Sharing
  • Free Choice
  • Snack Time
  • Art
  • Music
  • Stories & Fingerplays
  • Outdoor Time
  • End of Morning Session
  • Lunch, Outdoor, Free Play
  • Rest and Quiet Play
  • Project
  • Afternoon Outdoor Time
  • Afternoon Snack Time
  • Group Activities
  • Stories & Songs
  • End of Day (5:30)
    **Note: This is an approximate schedule based on the school year program. The summer camp sessions will differ.

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5. Snow Closing

The Beechwood School will be open as much as possible during the winter weather. School hours are determined by the amount of snow, road conditions, and police recommendations. If you are unsure of whether or not the school is open, please call the office at 856-429-0303.

The Beechwood School will close due to six inches of snow &/or hazardous road conditions. If there are less than six inches of snow and surrounding public schools are closed, we will be open, but regular classes will not be held.

If more than six inches of snow fall during the day or if there are icy road conditions, we will close early. Snowy and icy road conditions may necessitate that you leave work early to allow extra time for driving.

If the Beechwood School must close completely for more than two days during the winter, make-up days will be provided.

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