The Beechwood School

News: Our 2018 Art Show

Our 2018 Annual Beechwood Art Show & Open House was once again and big success. "Thanks!" to all of you who came out to tour the Beechwood Art Galleries. Our artists enjoyed having visitors to show off their creations to.

For those of you who were unable to join us, or if you want to "visit again" below is a sampling of our art divided by classroom. We hope you enjoy!

Classroom 1 — Dinomite Dinosaurs
Click the Dino to see more of what Classroom One did.

Classroom 2 — The Rain Forest
Click the toucans to see more of Classroom Two.

Classroom 3 — Animal Alphabet
Click the Ant to see more of what Classroom Three did.

Classroom 4 — Welcome to Dinoland
Click dinosaur head guarding our classroom to see more.

Classroom 5 — Around the World
Click on the Mardis Gras mask to see more.

Classroom 6 — Famous Artists
Click on the Van Gogh sunflower to see some of our art.

Classroom Kindergarten — Alaskan Adventure
Click on the mask to see more of Kindergartenís trip to Alaska.