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News: Classroom News

Our teachers communicate with the parents of their students in many ways. When they have electronic newsletters they get posted here. Should there be a question with regard to a posting, please speak directly with your teacher.

Classroom Newsletters:
Classroom 1: Miss Dana's April Newsletter
Classroom 2: Mrs. Ehrlich's April Newsletter
Classroom 3: Mrs. Ranshaw's April Newsletter
Classroom 4: Mrs. Rutkowski's April Newsletter
Classroom 5: Mrs. Angevine's April Newsletter
Classroom 6: Mrs. Reali's April Newsletter
Kindergarten: Ms. Shaw's March Newsletter


Classroom Pictures


Classroom 4 got together to make their own gingerbread houses! Click on the gingerbread house to see more.

Classroom 4 made applesauce. Mmm. Yummy.

Classroom 6 used every single block in their classroom!

Classroom 6 celebrated Dr. Seuss week.

The annual Classroom 4 Gingerbread House night:

Classroom 5 celebrated Thanksgiving with their own Thanksgiving Feast!

Our Kindergarten class celebrated the color red by being red hot!